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GreatLightLED Canada

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GreatLightLED not only run as a business,we run as a mission also.Everyone need light.Let there be light: and there is light.

GreatLightLED,Premium member of Pender Island Chamber of Commerce, is a British Columbia based company specializing in Design/Manufacture 4E1S solar-panel and LED energy-saving system for new construction and renovations PPA(power purchase agreement) or additions to existing commercial and industrial facilities.Everything can be customized,We can design to fit your budget;we can make your lights in any range of lumens or colour temperatures.Most GreatLightLED products are UL certified.
In order to guarantee quality,We only sell from our company ,amazon, and our certificated distributors,not ebay or any other uncertificated channels.Search GreatLightLED at Amazon or Google.



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GreatLightLED Canada
Pender Island
V0N 2M2
British Columbia

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