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December 2015 Pender Post

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December 2015 Pender Post

Pender Post Chamber of Commerce

It’s a tricky endeavor to maintain a group devoted to business when one lives in one of the most un-business like environments in the country. Here we are living each day in
paradise yet for some of us, working is still very much a part of our lives. Whether you’re working by choice or necessity, doing business on a Gulf Island has it’s own
unique set of challenges.

I believe in participation with the Chamber of Commerce because it has the potential to be a highly effective method of telling both the locals and the visitors about my services. Chambers are a widely-accepted source of reputable business listings and as such, lends a bit more legitimacy to my small operation. It tells my prospective customers that I care enough about my company to involve myself with the local organizations that represent business in the community.

My resources for advertising are exceptionally limited. I have neither the time or the knowledge to maintain my own website so I must rely on group sites such as the Chamber’s web page. Word of mouth is helpful in growing one’s business but you can’t
rely on it as a sole source of advertising. Networking through the local Chamber has proven to be far more effective in reaching elusive customers.

As 2015 draws to a close I will be reassessing where I spend my limited budget for advertising and memberships. I will question which associations provide meaningful benefits to my business and sever ties to those that really aren’t much help. One thing is certain -- I will maintain my membership in the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce because this is the group that’s focused entirely on helping businesses succeed on our island.

Wishing you all a happy and festive holiday season!

Leeanne Mueller
Vice President

Posted by Office Admin

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