COVID-19 Updates                      COVID-19 Business Updates

Businesses during COVID-19

If you don't find a business listed here, look for them in the business directory and call them. If you'd like to be included in this list, using the format below, send an e-mail to

CAMP Truck - Food Truck at WOODS on Pender

This weekend Noon to 2pm
Friday to Sunday Call 604-817-4054

Sunday Dinner - 5 to 7 with pre-set time for pickup. For Sunday dinner text Julie at 604-562-2565 to secure a pick up time

Text (604) 817-4054 for pre-orders.
E-transfers to

You can also tap on our square pad at the Truck. Debit or card.

Social distancing required. Be aware of others and alternate at the window.

Follow Facebook for updates on menu items.


Pender Island Post Office

The Post Office has reduced hours.

Monday- Friday: 12:00pm to 5:00pm


Storefront Offices Closed to the Public 

Realtors on Duty 24-7 By Appointment 

We are an essential service and here to help! We will arrange Virtual Real Time Property Tours for off-island clients, while travel is restricted to the island.

2719 Privateers Rd
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M2

Limited services available during this challening time.  Please contact by phone or email.  

(250) 629 3002

Mon to Fri 7am to 7pm, Sat 8am to 6pm

Appointments: Mike 250-629-3002 ext. 1

Marine Parts - Wendy, ext 3.

Keys: Use front door.


Hours of operation 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, emergency calls only on weekends

Available for regular pump-out business and emergency calls for sewage back-ups.


Tuesday - Saturday 

11am - 4pm 

Thursday & Saturday 

4pm - 7pm 

Friday Deliveries - Please call for details.

Service: Take Out and Delivery on Fridays 

Gulf Islands Deck & Rail


Mon-Fri 0800-1600

Available for emergency repairs to your decks.

Available to help with the transportation of essential goods from Sidney.

We are ensuring a minimal impact to the Gulf Islands when travelling and working.  We have a small crew (father and son).  We ensure we are the only workers onsite and refrain from any direct contact with anyone while on-island.  We remain in our vehicles when on the ferries and when driving to and from our job sites.

Take care everyone.


Due to the virus, I have had to stop offering any indoor cleaning for clients.
So shifting to offering help with your gardens! I have lots of starts, I can prep your beds, create new beds for you, etc.
I’m fast, efficient and honest.
Rates are whatever we can do for one another.
Much love and support

Bob Funk here, Island Glasstek and BCF Constructors available for any emergency health and safety construction and building system issues, residential and commercial.

Emergency security  board-up Glass / Glazing 

Compromised structural integrity assessment and remedial work (emergency)

General contracting, management with a full compliment of related construction professional services, Engineering and sub-trade trade support

Owner DIY project consulting

Building project Related material sourcing / shipping logistics for various suppliers

Small repairs based on priority - health and safety

Worksafe BC Coverage

3 million liability coverage

We will continue to monitor workplace environmental requirements on an ongoing basis

Please call me at 250 744-9160 if you need more details on this.


Island House and Home - March 24th update
Reduced hours:
Monday - Closed
Tues - Sun 10am to 3pm


Monday 10 - 4 pm
Tuesday Closed to the public, Pender Branch Staff available by phone and e-mail
Wednesday 10 - 4 pm
Thursday and Friday Closed

Ph: 250-629-6238, 250-629-6236 Email:

When we are open to the public we will be limiting members in the branch to 2 at a time and sanitize regularly, please practice social distancing in the branch with staff and other members. If you are sick please stay home and call, we can most likely help you remotely.

Here is a link to our website Covid-19 Update
Call centre phone number 1-888-597-1083 and hours Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Crazy unique times right now, a lot of people on Pender do not do online banking please reach out and we can help you get set up, upgrading your card to a tap card is a good idea in the current situation also. Even if its questions on how to connect with your town bank, always happy to trouble shoot and support. We are just trying to figure this out too, so if you have needs that this arrangement does not meet please communicate.

Love you Pender, stay safe ( home ) and take care

Island Time Food Truck expected start date first weekend in May. Picnic/take home food, pick up and delivery, no contact. Located 3735 Rum Road.


(250) 222 6453

Yep we are still working, separately with safety gear on closed sites or empty sites conforming to the 2m rule 

Trying to avoid work inside of people's houses that isn't a necessity.  We love empty houses right about now.

250 629-6639


I will speak with anyone who has an issue, problem, or has a question.  But this is not a paid session...just me offering to help with suggestions for self care.  


ALL IN PERSON STUDIO YOGA CLASSES SUSPENDED DURING COVID-19 ***Find me online with other Pender Island Instructors on Pender Wellness Online Studio on Facebook.  Send me an email or find me on facebook to get more details!

(250) 629 2024

We are open from 10 am until 9 pm. (closing 1 hr earlier).  We are limiting entry to 2 people only.

We are following the 2 meter limit social distancing policy.  Anyone interested in delivery can please

call 250 629 6666 for help. 


Open for consultation, please call.

Closed for in Clinic Physiotherapy Treatments


Taking orders and dropping off at Southridge and slow coast daily at 3pm unless otherwise posted.

Pick Up Service, 250-629-6690,

Medicine Beach Garbage Drop-Off, key available from Liquor Store, Daily, 10am to pm​


Regular Farmer's Market happening 9:30am to 1pm at the Community Hall.

Food vendors only.

Seniors take preference in line from 9:30am to 10:30am


Dogs on leash, Lots of parking. Only 10 vendors, with eggs, produce, baked goods, honey, tea, preserves, a food truck, prepared foods. 


Fridays 10am to 12 Noon

Phone: Barb 250-629-6052 or Donna 250-629-3970

Delivery service

This is a message for people who use or would like to use the food bank, and for donors, here they are:
Greetings fellow Penderites! Greetings from the Food Bank where “Friday is the new Wednesday”. For a number of reasons, we will now be open Fridays from 10:00 to noon. We have been entrusted by our community to help those who are finding these times tough. Thanks to all donors...we are approaching 100 of you! Humbling!
We know it is hard to start using the Food Bank and we promise to treat you with respect. After you register on a Friday morning, the foods you order will be delivered weekly to your home. Thanks to all the spectacular workers who are helping this rollout happen each does take an army.

We now have lots of egg cartons but could use frozen fruit and 1 cup (small) mason jars for jam making. Please bring these on a Friday morning between 10:00 and noon. Fridays are the new drop off days.
We are so fortunate to live on Pender Island... thanks to everyone for helping us care for each other!

We had 65 clients this past week at the Food Bank. All were given heaps of veggies, fresh homemade bread, special pork treats (like bacon or a roast) and even a hot cross bun. 

Call the church number 629-3634 for Wednesday mornings only. To answer questions Barb@629-6052 or Donna @629-3970. 


Medical Clinic, Mon – Fri 9am-12noon; 2pm – 5pm, Call 250-629-3233 (emergency dial 911)

We ask you to call first before coming, and when you arrive, ring the doorbell at the main entrance (clearly marked) and wait. The MOA’s will come and get you right away. IF more than one person is here to be seen, we will ask one to wait in their car. The MOA’s will come out to get you. We do want to take care of you, so do not shy away from calling us. OF course, if there is an emergency, call 911.

(250) 629 3455

We have heavily modified our hours and access as follows:


Mon-Fri 8-12

Sat 9-1

Sun Closed

New checkout procedures in an effort to reduce wait times!

Wonderful people of Pender! This is our last change for a while, I promise you that! Thank you so much for helping us through this very difficult time.

We now have two lanes that head for checkout! One is for contractor/trades as well as those who have already gotten their lumberyard items including propane but do not need additional shopping from inside.

The regular one is for anyone that needs us to ‘shop for things’ and requires additional time! We hope this will help people get in and out as quickly as possible and make for safer lineups as they are now not in the middle of the parking lot!

These lanes are clearly marked!

We are rarely able to answer calls while we’re open. Please call the store and leave your name and # only. We will call back as soon as we can and get a shopping list from you.

If you need items same day, please come down during the open hours and we will get your order ready as soon as we can while your there! It has been getting faster and more refined as we work our way through these learning times.

If you need anything from the lumberyard including propane, please go there first. Talk to one of our yard staff and they will let you in when it is safe to do so. We will write up a yardslip for your items and we’ll bring it inside to the cashier. Then please get into the line out front and you will be helped as soon as you get to the front of the line or sooner if possible.

We have been mixing lots of paint! It’s a great thing to do to keep busy. If we can we will mix it on the spot but when its really busy or if it’s a bit of a tricky tint, we may need to take your order and call you when it is done. Usually this is same day or next day.

We are getting all our beautiful hanging baskets, geraniums and specialty items in soon. We would love to get preorders in for anything your looking for so that we can make sure to satisfy orders in one pickup!Our island grown tomatoes will also be in soon. Lots of basket stuffers are here already as well as lots of deer resistant perennials.

Seed potatoes are sold out sorry

Special Ordering: We love to special order for you! Please call the store and leave your name, # and let us know that you need a special order. We do prefer this to having you order online at the website. Online has a few implications so a quick call to our store 250-629-3455 and we can look up items, see if we have those items in-store first and if not we can order them and look after everything for you.

We are still very well stocked with soil, seeds, seeding trays, pots and tools. We are receiving our Home Hardware orders regularly thanks to all our truck drivers and wonder staff 

Take care of yourself and help a neighbor during these times 


PO Box 103
Pender Island, BC v0n2m0
(250) 629 6939


Due to the global crisis we are all a part of, we will remain closed for most of our services until our governing bodies give us the clearance to get up and running again.  

Our exceptions are:  Available ONLY to Pender Island residents (for the time being):

We have a fleet sale happening.  Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and Bicycles, disc golf discs and apparel.  

We also can offer long term rentals to locals at a very locally affordable price.  Conditions and terms may apply.  

Please phone 250.629.6939 or email for inquiries



Daily, 10AM – 5PM Tuesday-Saturday

PO Box 134
4605 Bedwell Harbour Road, Unit 10
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0

Hours Mon to Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 4pm, Sundays Closed

We are an essential service and have to remain OPEN. But for the safety and health of our customers and staff, we are not letting customers into our store at this time. We are asking our customers to call in ahead to allow for a quick and easy pick up at our door. We are also offering home deliveries so you can remain in the safety of your own home during this time of crisis.

If you are looking to do printing or faxing please send us an email at
As this is not an essential service, this will be last priority and may take a few days to complete.
The pharmacy phone number is 1 250 629 6555
We are here for you,
Please stay at home to help us.

PO Box 12
4407 Bedwell Harbour Road
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0

The library is closed to the public, but many online resources are available -- go online and search for the Pender Island Library to visit our website and access free resources. Lots of free eBooks, eMagazines, audiobooks, language & music lessons, and educational resources for kids and teens. Call the library for Tech Tutor support on Tues-Wed-Thurs from 10-3 for help with digital resources or to get a free library card.  Free wifi from outside the library building 24/7.


250 629 6962


We hope that by opening an hour earlier and staying open an hour later we can reduce your wait time and reduce the amount of traffic at the depot.

Please remember that the following two actions will make recycling better for everyone during Covid-19:

1. Pre-sorting: this drastically reduces the amount of time needed to recycle.
2. Stock pile your recycling. Yes, this is one area that you are being asked to stockpile (just a little). If you normally make 4 trips/month to the depot, try coming in only once or twice. This will reduce vehicle traffic and take some of the strain off our reduced capacity.

​Please DO NOT come to the depot if:
· you have been travelling in the last fourteen days
· have any symptoms of Covid-19 including fever, shortness of breath, or a cough
· If you are vulnerable to Covid-19 due to age or an underlying health condition (if this is the case, please hang on to your recycling until Covid passes so that you can remain safe).

NOTE - There will be no handling of recyclables by any of the staff.

Respect social distancing of 2 m between yourself and depot staff members.


Our heartfelt apologies to those with mobility issues, we are unable to assist you with your recycling at this time. If you are unable to deposit your recycling into the collection containers yourself, we ask that you keep it at home for the time being.

We suggest that you clean your recycling well, place it in large garbage bags, and store it in a secure outdoor location on your property until we can resume our normal operation.

This is for your own safety as well as for the safety of the staff.


1. Try to store your recycling at home for longer than you usually do so that you can reduce the number of trips to the depot.
2. Pre-sort your recyclables at home in order to minimize your time at the depot. This will help other recyclers who are patiently waiting for their turn  :)
We suggest the following categories:
glass packaging; steel and aluminum; paper and cardboard; crinkly plastic; soft plastic bags; plastic containers; styrofoam; milk/soup cartons/coffee cups; and refundables).
We are once again accepting paint, batteries, light bulbs, small appliances and large appliances, as well as non-packaging plastic. Please phone ahead if you have large quantities to check whether we are able to accept them (it depends on how busy it is at the depot).
3. Only two cars may recycle at a time, the staff will direct you when it is your turn.
4. Wear disposable gloves while recycling at the depot.
5. DO NOT handle any recycling other than your own while at the depot.
6. All collection containers have been moved out of doors. Recycling can be placed directly into the megabags on the pallets. Staff will show you where the recyclables go.

Thank you for your patience! By following these guidelines we hope that we may be able to continue to serve you.

With warmth,
PIRS staff and board

(250) 629 9909

Monday - Friday 10 am - 4 pm
Essential services only - no walk-ins

Please call ahead


Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 4pm

Yes we are open as an essential service for pet food.  We also have all the gardening supplies you will need to get your gardens growing this season


Pender Plumbing and Gas Ltd. is open and working but limiting interior service work at this time.


Take Out and Delivery Only. Mon to Thu 10am to 9:30pm, Fri & Sat 10am to 10:30pm, Sun 10am to 10pm

Deliveries daily after 4pm.

Check Facebook page for updates on hours of operation. Pizza and other take out options available. 


Available for take out and delivery. 250-629-6464

Bonjour all!

Regular customers have pressured me to get back to work so shopping I went after almost 2 months of isolation. Quite an eerie experience but it happened. Get ready for some severe price increases and limited supplies if going yourself.

A limited menu of favourites will be offered tomorrow at the community hall’s market between 11 and 1 and in small quantities, just to test. To limit waste since I only offer freshly baked items, I will, like others, ask customers to preorder via Messenger PM or phone, 250 629 6464 by 6pm today. Deliveries possible after 1pm, $30 minimum.


Silky smooth French green pea soup with ham

16 OZ - $6

1 - Pork and beef pie aka tourtière, with mushroom and vegetables


2 - Wild salmon and cod in phyllo with lemon, spinach and vegetables


3 - Hippie pie, lightly curried mixture of yams, brown rice, beans and other vegetables

10 OZ - $9 each (order unbaked if planing on freezing)

Prize winning almond coconut macarons, gluten and dairy free

$1.50 each

Semi-sweet Belgian chocolate banana tartlet, melts in your mouth like a French kiss...


Thank you!


Our Food and Beverage service is limited to Take out and Delivery until it is safe to resume full operation.

Port Browning Pub
Wednesday - Sunday

If you would like to prepay for your meals with credit card over the phone for delivery or pickup please let us know!

Delivery guests let us know your households social distancing requirements, and we will do our best to maintain them upon delivery!

Follow our Facebook page for updates

Port Browning Marina is temporarily closed to transient boaters. We are monitoring the the situation closely and will provide updates as required. 

Virtual Gallery featuring local artists and online arts programs for all ages. 

Photographer willing to do outdoor shoots


Online Store Open Hours: Tuesday @ 5pm - Wednesday @ 9 pm. (Pickup or delivery on Thursday.)

You can find details for the online store here:

We are continuing with our 2020 growing plans. We will be seeding, planting, harvesting and loving the gardens, orchards and berry patches as usual. But the way we get our veggies to you has changed.

Our Roadside Farm Stand has changed to an Online Store. During our open hours, you can register as a customer, then place an order and make payment online, and choose either pickup or delivery.  We will also be attending the Saturday Market. The online store and all the details can be found here:

(604) 688-6733

I am only seeing existing clients and on a limited basis.

Closed for all events and meetings.

Friday dinner - take out or delivery - see website and Facebook for details.

PO Box 95
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0

Employment services available by phone.

The SGI Community Resource Centre on Pender Island has been working with the Pender Island Emergency Program and several Pender community organizations to create a HELP LINE for residents.
250-629-3665 MONDAY – FRIDAY 10AM TO 4PM ONLY
The Island Kindness project has been set up to help support members of our community who are self-isolating or in quarantine with basic out-of-home errands. We are still looking for volunteers to help.

What we can do:

• Pick up and deliver groceries that have ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR (we can take your order too)
• Pick up and deliver prescriptions that have ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR (must be called into the Pharmacy)
• Pick up and deliver other items that have ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR or have no cost
• Daily extended chat over the phone (companionship)
• Animal support - walking or caring for animals
• Outdoor activities such as gardening, wood chopping (with physical distancing - 2 meters or more)


Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-3pm

Closed Sunday.& Monday

Take out pick up only.

Come down today starting at 11:30 for Free Meal Friday!

Feeling the pinch financially, or just feeling blue from being cooped up? Would a delicious hearty bowl of soup help? If so, come on down. There will be plenty.


With the changing of the ferry times we need to adjust our hours as well.

Our hours will be 10:30-3 Tuesday through Saturday.

Order over the phone during business hours No customers allowed in the store at this time.

Talisman Books & Gallery


Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 4pm door locked but will let customers in one at a time

All our books and most other merchandise are available to order on our Website: or send us an email:


Open and providing take out food as usual.

Also, The Stand has an opportunity to become a "pop up" grocery store, made available by our supplier.

We are not sure if there is a need for such a service, and are apprehensive on deviling into a different market. our intention would not to take away any other grocery providers business.
However if there is a need we would be able to provide a wide range of grocery items.
We imagine that we could take orders via email cut off would be Tuesday evening, ordered on Wednesday and then ready for pick up, perhaps delivery on Thursday and beyond..
So we are putting out a feeler to see if there is interest.
If you are interested please email The Stand at


Store hours 930 am to 6:00 pm.
This allows the staff to clean and restock shelves in a safe and timely manner.
Our mission is to stay open to serve the community.
Thanks for your patience during this time.
Be safe everyone.
Mike G

Questions can be directed to or call Matthew at 778-792-9114.

Our tasting room is currently closed, but we are offering online ordering and free home delivery on Saturdays and Wednesdays through our website. Pender residents can use the code DELIVERY at checkout.


We continue to monitor this situation closely & are following all safety procedures very strictly.
However, we must adjust our operating hours again.

Effective Immediately, we will be open 8:30 - 3:00. Things change quickly so please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

I must remind everyone to please respect the physical distancing parameter of 6’ when lining up to order or pickup as well as sitting on the Patio - This is not optional!!! Also - as tempting as it is, please don’t pick up the plastic shield or try to look under it. It is there to protect everyone. 


250-629-3336 or email:
Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM
No walk-in traffic.  Phone calls only. 

I cannot offer any massage/spa treatments now, but I can help you to make your gardens look beautiful, clean and healthy.

Also offering guided meditation for relaxation and inspiration, by phone. Distant Reiki sessions available too. “Aqua Oleum” Essential Oils for sale.

Text or phone (250) 629-6721


For Online Classes Visit me at Namasthe, Ella

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Become a member of the Pender Island Chamber of Commerce and benefit from all our membership features.

Tell Me More!

Pender Island Chamber of Commerce


Box 164
Pender Island, BC
V0N 2M0

  (250) 999 6371

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