Workshop - Healing Your Past – Creating Your Future

Sunday, March 24, 2019 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Follow-up workshop to Confessions of a Closet Time-Traveller

Best-selling Victoria author and playwright Anthony Hamilton says the discovery of ‘Quantum Consciousness’ in the 1990’s is a game-changer which empowers us to change both the past and the future.
“As soon as you close your eyes” he says, “your mind begins to wander through both the past and the future. This is called, ‘daydreaming’ and it has no power. However, learn to control this ‘inner wandering’ and everything changes.”
This simple skill gives us the power to:
Heal and overcome past emotional hurts.
Develop more confidence.
Transform negatives into positives.
Overcome stress and tension.
Develop insight and awareness.
Create a new future for ourselves.
“The discovery that the mind is a kind of ‘time machine’ Anthony says, “is the real secret of happiness and success.”

Tickets for the workshop are $35
Purchase a ticket for both the March 23 play and the March 24 workshop for $40
Tickets available at Talisman Books

For media interviews contact: Anthony Hamilton at 778-977-0260.

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